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John 12:27-36a Father, Glorify Your Name

The cross is the finish AND the beginning

John does not tell us exactly who Jesus is talking to in our reading today but I’m pretty sure they are Jewish and possibly from the earlier mentioned crowd. Some of them have apparently become believers while many others have not. He is approaching His final days before the cross so is most likely in Jerusalem as He addresses this crowd.

The first thing that He admits is that His soul is troubled by the upcoming events. I would say He had HUGE butterflies in His belly! But He was determined to see the Father’s plan through regardless of how He felt. “For this purpose I have come to this hour” (verse 27b). This is the reason He was born. If He were to stop at this point everything He had gone through so far would be useless. God’s plan HAD to be completed; not for Jesus’ sake but for God’s sake. Read more »