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Luke 14:25-33 Commitment Called For

Going where He leads, no matter what

Going where He leads, no matter what

Today we are going to look at what it takes to follow Jesus. The cost of making a true commitment. I find it interesting that this should be our reading today. I probably glanced at the heading yesterday, but didn’t really think about today’s reading beforehand. I say that it is funny because I almost skipped writing tonight because I got busy with other work. Today Jesus addresses our commitment to follow Him.

Part of Jesus message to us today is familiar. We have already looked at His statement about taking up your cross and following Him in Matthew, Mark and earlier in Luke. It is important enough that the Holy Spirit inspired Luke to write about it again. Unfortunately I feel tapped out when it comes to gleaning more from this section than we have already learned. For this part of Jesus’ message I’m going to link you to our earlier study of it in Luke. That post has links to the other two instances where we addressed this message. Please feel free to revisit The Daily CallRead more »

Luke 9:57-62 Count The Cost

Cost of discipleship

Well worth the price

In Luke’s narrative Jesus is getting ready to send out a large contingent of disciples. Today’s passage seems to be His last buildup before the dispersal. Jesus makes it clear to all who want to join Him in His mission that it is not an easy ride.

Jesus has become famous from one end of Israel to the other and beyond. People come to see Him everywhere He goes. Miracles of healing and release flow at every opportunity. Food abounds at His command. Even His followers are performing miracles! Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

To the outside observer, following Jesus looks very appealing. This may have been before His teachings became harder; especially the one about eating His flesh and drinking His blood. He lost a lot of popularity and a lot of followers that day.

The three encounters that Luke points out may be typical for the whole group following Jesus. I noticed that only one person in the three was called by Jesus to join the group. The other two approached Jesus instead. Read more »

Luke 9:23-27 The Daily Call

Hand in hand

Hand in hand

Today we are going to look at the cost of discipleship again. Jesus’ words were shared by Matthew and Mark for this very important subject. Jesus plainly tells His disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (verse 23).

What does that mean and what does that look like? We looked at the first part of this question when we walked through this passage with Matthew in the blog titled “Take Up Your Cross & Follow Him.” I also asked the first part of the question to Google. My favorite answer site was front and center with their view, Our answers matched pretty well so I feel better about my original post now. When we studied this section in Mark we initially dealt with Peter’s rebuking Jesus but ended by looking a little at the second part of our question. We looked at what it might look like in the disciples’ lives in the blog titled “For The Sake of The Call.” Read more »

Mark 8:31-38 For the Sake of the Call

Take up your cross and follow me

Take up your cross and follow me

We join Jesus today as He tells His disciples what awaits Him in the future. This is the first time He will do so. We are not sure how much time has passed since Peter’s confession of Who Jesus is, but today he learns he is listing to another source.

Jesus has been teaching the crowds in parables all this time and privately interpreting for His disciples. He is now ready to teach His disciples something unique to them. He begins telling them how He is going to be treated, including how He is going to be killed. He is pulling no punches here. He plainly tells them that the chief priests and scribes are going to reject Him and kill Him. He doesn’t leave it at that though because He also tells them that he will rise again after three days.

I don’t know what the rest of His disciples thought about His announcement, but Peter was very disturbed by it. Peter was a good disciple, but he couldn’t stand by while Jesus made such a huge mistake. Not wanting to publicly embarrass Jesus over His mistake, Peter takes Jesus off to the side and speaks to Him privately. Read more »