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Acts 8:1-3 The Aftermath

Notice the beginning structure of a nest?

We have just witnessed Stephen being stoned to death. He received this “sentence” because he professed belief in Jesus as the Messiah. He had committed NO crime and was not guilty of any offense worthy of death. For the new church, first blood has been shed. Not the first drops of blood, as the apostles were beaten on previous occasions. I am also NOT discounting Jesus’ blood being shed. His blood paved the way for the possibility of the church. But this was the first person recorded as killed for his faith in Jesus Christ. So what happened next?

Attitudes and behaviors changed on BOTH sides of the conflict at this crossroads. On the side of the new church, it brought about a disbursement of the people. “They were all scattered throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria, except the apostles” (verse 1b). The apostles remained in Jerusalem but those who didn’t live in Jerusalem previously left the city for their own protection. Read more »