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Numbers 10:11-36 Moving Out

Israel on the move. God’s presence goes with them.

This is the first time Israel sets out on their journey since the construction of the Tabernacle and receiving God’s laws. It is not a long journey this time.

Before we jump into this traveling band I want to point out one thing. God waited until AFTER the second observance of the Passover was completed. There were a few men who couldn’t partake on the official day so God allowed for a second opportunity. He kept the camp in place until they were able to celebrate His rescue.

When we looked at how the camp was set up and the marching orders earlier we missed a couple of things. Not for lack of inattention to God’s word but because He hadn’t shown it to us yet. Today He sets out the exact order of departure from camp. Read more »

Numbers 10:1-10 Trumpets

God designed a way for the people to quickly know they were being summoned. Word of mouth was not fast enough or always reliable. He chose trumpets as His summoning tool.

When reading this I was reminded of the Sound of Music and the whistle scene. I had to include it for you to enjoy too. Life at the command of a whistle. Now the people of God were going to learn life at the command of a trumpet. Read more »