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John 6:22-59 Spiritual Dinner Menu

Come & Dine on the Bread of Life

Today we join Jesus in Capernaum. He got here by unusual means; walking on water across the sea. He had just finished feeding the multitude the previous day. Now He has a different meal He wants to invite everyone to partake in.

I love how John starts out the story. When night fell after dinner the crowd saw Jesus put His disciples in the boat and send them off. They also knew He didn’t have a second boat to leave the area in. So naturally they looked for Him in the obvious place; where they last saw Him. He wasn’t there, so they decided to follow where His disciples went. Low and behold Jesus was there too! How did that happen?! They ask Jesus straight up about it but He doesn’t share that answer with them. Instead He goes straight to their motivation for looking for Him. Read more »