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Acts 5:17-41 The Green Eyed Monster

(This reminds me of the High Priest’s efforts to stop God’s plans)

The apostles have gained a LOT of attention! Everyone is flocking to them for healing and deliverance. They are popular with the people. This was the same position Jesus occupied during His ministry. And the religious leaders couldn’t stand it! Now it’s time to do something about His followers.

Luke gets right to the root of their grievance; jealousy. The high priest and the Sadducees envied the apostles popularity and probably their success with miracles. “Why can’t we do signs like them? WE are supposed to be God’s connection to the people! Not those uneducated Galileans!!” So instead of going to God and finding out where they were missing the mark they have the apostles arrested instead. From the wording here I’m inclined to believe that most if not all the apostles were arrested in this raid. Read more »