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Luke 17:11-19 And Then There Was One

Give glory where glory is due!

Give glory where glory is due!

Today Jesus is treated more like the servant in our previous reading than He is the Messiah. “No need to thank Him. He was just doing His job.” SO WRONG!

Luke tells us of an incident that happened one day while Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem. He was passing between Samaria and Galilee. We have heard many times how, when Jews travel between Galilee and Jerusalem that they go around Samaria. This is the custom of most all the Jews, but not Jesus’ custom. The two groups, Samaritans and Jews, did NOT socialize. But in this instance the group Jesus met was a mixed group. There was at least one Samaritan among this group of ten lepers.

These ten men all suffered from the same affliction and apparently hung around with one another. When Jesus came into the village near where they lived they began calling out to Him. They didn’t try and approach Him as other lepers had done. They just stared shouting out to Him. Jesus wasn’t afraid for them to come near Him but they obeyed the rules of their isolation anyway. Read more »