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John 19:17-27 A Quick March With Jesus

SO much life waiting to be discovered just beneath the surface

John takes us on a “quick march” through the crucifixion account. We move from Pilate’s judgement hall, touch on Jesus’ progression down the Via Dolorosa, and end up on Golgotha at the foot of the cross. Maybe the Holy Spirit felt enough of the specific details of the events had been shared through the other gospel writers. It takes reading all four accounts to get the complete picture. The Holy Spirit, through John, does mention several details along this quick march. He places a LOT for us to discover beneath the surface of John’s pen.

The first detail John shares was that Jesus was carrying His own cross. Even after being beaten by the vicious Roman soldiers and suffering their mocking and ridicule. He still lifted up that heavy crossbeam and brought it to Calvary. We know from the other gospel writers that He received help from Simon of Cyrene to carry it part of the way. Read more »

Luke 14:25-33 Commitment Called For

Going where He leads, no matter what

Going where He leads, no matter what

Today we are going to look at what it takes to follow Jesus. The cost of making a true commitment. I find it interesting that this should be our reading today. I probably glanced at the heading yesterday, but didn’t really think about today’s reading beforehand. I say that it is funny because I almost skipped writing tonight because I got busy with other work. Today Jesus addresses our commitment to follow Him.

Part of Jesus message to us today is familiar. We have already looked at His statement about taking up your cross and following Him in Matthew, Mark and earlier in Luke. It is important enough that the Holy Spirit inspired Luke to write about it again. Unfortunately I feel tapped out when it comes to gleaning more from this section than we have already learned. For this part of Jesus’ message I’m going to link you to our earlier study of it in Luke. That post has links to the other two instances where we addressed this message. Please feel free to revisit The Daily CallRead more »

Luke 9:23-27 The Daily Call

Hand in hand

Hand in hand

Today we are going to look at the cost of discipleship again. Jesus’ words were shared by Matthew and Mark for this very important subject. Jesus plainly tells His disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (verse 23).

What does that mean and what does that look like? We looked at the first part of this question when we walked through this passage with Matthew in the blog titled “Take Up Your Cross & Follow Him.” I also asked the first part of the question to Google. My favorite answer site was front and center with their view, Our answers matched pretty well so I feel better about my original post now. When we studied this section in Mark we initially dealt with Peter’s rebuking Jesus but ended by looking a little at the second part of our question. We looked at what it might look like in the disciples’ lives in the blog titled “For The Sake of The Call.” Read more »

Matthew 16:24-28 Take Up Your Cross & Follow Him

We are told to carry our cross, but we don’t do it alone!

We are still in the region of Caesarea Philippi with Jesus and His disciples. Jesus has previously asked the question of “Who do you say I am?” and foretold of His death. Today He addresses the cost of following Him.

Before we get too deep into the reading, I have a few questions I want to ask. Why did Jesus use the illustration of the cross? He hadn’t told His disciples yet that He was going to die on a cross. Was this a common saying in Jesus’ day? Is that why He said it? What did the disciples think of this phrase? Did it confuse them? When we read it we think, of course Jesus talks about the cross because that was the instrument of His death. But the disciples didn’t know that yet.

Carrying a cross demonstrated a sentence of death. It was heavy and cumbersome. It was a symbol of extreme torture. Use of the cross as a punishment device was as cruel a way to die as anyone had come up with at this point. It was an object of horror. The stuff nightmares were made of. Read more »