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Acts 27:13-38 You Should Have Listened

Taking the LONG way around

We left Paul and his companions as they put out to sea to try and make it along Crete from Fair Haven to Phoenix for the winter. For some reason Fair Haven was not a suitable harbor for winter. It was already late into the year and risky business to even attempt that jaunt. But the Julius, the centurion in charge would not be persuaded to wait.

We pick up with our jolly band of travelers making it to Phoenix and stopping for a while. We don’t know how long they were there but it was NOT long enough. Impatience of Julius spurred them on again at the first sign of fair weather. Hadn’t he ever heard of a “False Spring?” I wonder if Paul tried to stop them from setting out again. Julius had already demonstrated that he wasn’t concerned about Paul’s opinion in this area, so maybe not. Read more »