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Romans 5:1-11 Reconciliation Through Faith

Growing in faith

Paul continues to share what faith in Jesus Christ has purchased for us. Through faith we have forgiveness from sin, grace, justification, and finally, reconciliation. They are all tied up in one another, but each aspect is essential to our ultimate hope in God.

When we take God at His word concerning the work Jesus did for us on the cross, we get the “full meal deal.” Jesus didn’t go to the cross just to atone for our sins. If that was all there was to our relationship animal sacrifices would have been sufficient.

God wanted a personal relationship with us again. Our understanding and faith in Jesus’ sacrifice was/is the only way that could happen. First came the belief (faith) that God and Jesus were exactly who they said they were. Only then could we ask Jesus to apply His blood to our sins. He already did the work but we had to have faith that it was for us personally before we could accept it. Read more »