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Acts 7:54-60 Stephen Meets Jesus

Grace under pressure in spades

We are at the conclusion of Stephen’s story. I have no doubt that Paul/Saul relayed this story to Luke after he himself came to know Jesus. Who else would have been in attendance to witness how Stephen met Jesus. I also believe the Holy Spirit burned this event into Saul’s memory that day. I want to take us into that council room personally today and see it through firsthand eyes. We will need to back up a little bit to have a better view of that day.

Stephen has been serving the people for a couple of months now in his new position. He makes certain that EVERYONE is included and that no one goes hungry or without. He is also praying for people and they receive their healing through the working of the Holy Spirit. He is becoming well known among the community. You hear people speaking about his works anywhere you go in Jerusalem. Read more »