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Romans 6:1-14 Slaves No More

Freedom through Jesus!

Paul shares a very exciting promise with us today. We are no longer slaves to sin! And this promise is to all who choose to accept Jesus’ free gift of grace by faith.

Paul’s audience has just been learning how they (and we) are no longer have to rely on the Law for their relationship with God. The Law was never and will never be able to save anyone. It is only through faith in Jesus that we are saved.

So what else comes with that salvation? We already looked at a couple side benefits a few days ago. When we looked at Romans 5:1-11 we saw how we have forgiveness from sin, grace, justification, and finally, reconciliation through faith. Today we see that we have freedom from sin as well. ALL of these culminate in a new life in Christ Jesus. Read more »

John 8:31-47 Freedom From Slavery

Freedom like no other

We are still in the treasury with Jesus as He addresses those who actually believed what He was saying. His first words to them are comforting, but they don’t see it that way. By the end I want to tell Him that that’s no way to “win friends and influence people.” We will be stopping short of His real bombshell today.

Jesus is never afraid to speak the truth. But He also always starts by wrapping it in love. Only when the intended message doesn’t really sink in does He have to make it a little sharper. Today is a prime example of that. Read more »