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Luke 12:57-59 Court Can Cost You

Takes accepting responsibility and seeing others' perspectives

Takes accepting responsibility and seeing others’ perspectives

Have you ever noticed that there are at least TWO sides to every argument? I know that sounds like an “duh” statement, but some people still don’t see that cold hard fact. Most of the time, each side also has valid points. Jesus tells us to try and reach a compromise without the need of a judge. Try and settle it yourselves.

There are a couple of things that struck me in our reading today. First of all, I noticed that the one Jesus seems to be addressing is the one who is being accused of something. That would be the one who committed the offense, according to the accuser anyway. We all try to avoid being labeled as the “offender.” Even as children when we are faced with the question of whom the guilty party is we give that distinction to the two most notorious children in the world, “Not Me” and “I Don’t Know.” We avoid accepting guilt whenever possible. But Jesus’ instructions about making an effort to settle with our accuser first premises that we accept responsibility for the wrong we have done. You will NOT be inclined to settle if you hold yourself blameless. Weather intentional or accidental, we need to accept responsibility for our actions and their results. Read more »