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Philippians 2:1-11 A Servant Like Him

We are like Him when we serve in love

Paul is encouraging the Philippian brothers to be Christ like in their service to others. Serving not out of ulterior motives but in sincere love.

I have a confession to make here. I have served out of selfish reasons at times. Those reasons were usually to be noticed by others and commended for my “fine service.” That’s not love. Yes, it is nice to be appreciated for your work but that isn’t to be the motivation.

Paul uses Jesus’ example of service for a benchmark for his readers. There is NO WAY we will ever live up to that standard but striving for it is what makes us more like Him every day. Read more »

Mark 10:35-45 Seating Arrangements Argument

God has His own seating chart made up

God has His own seating chart made up

Jesus and His disciples are still on their way to Jerusalem. He had just finished telling them about His impending death when James and John ask Him a favor.

Something that puzzles me is the timing of James and John’s request. They make this request right after hearing Jesus say He was going to die and rise again. They had no clue what the “rise again” portion meant, but they certainly understood death. Jesus was also telling them it would happen THIS trip to Jerusalem. How could they be thinking of themselves at this time? What kind of Kingdom were they expecting Jesus to be establishing? Were they trying to distract Jesus from His talk about His death? Read more »

Matthew 20:20-28 The Seating Order Request

A heart like His

A heart like His

Jesus and His disciples are on their way to Jerusalem for the last time. They stepped off to the side for a private talk just a little bit ago.

James and John’s mother has a request to make of Jesus while they are outside the flow of travelers. I wonder if she was traveling with Jesus and His group or if she met up with them along the way. We know that James and John left their father behind in the fishing boat when they first started following Jesus. I would assume that their mother would be home with him, instead of traveling around with Jesus.

What or who put this idea into her mind to start with? Did she come up with it on her own? How did James and John feel about their mother making this request of Jesus? Did they ask her to approach Jesus with this request because they didn’t want to look too pushy? Was mom driven to see her boys succeed? Why did she think her son’s should have a higher place than the rest of the disciples? Apparently she believed Jesus was going to set up His kingdom right away, like the disciples did. Read more »