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Titus 3:1-11 A Profitable Life

The Author of a true gentle spirit is the Holy Spirit.

Paul gives Titus instructions for daily living of the believer. Not for working for salvation but because of the new life birthed by Jesus’ work on the cross; His grace.

Paul calls for a changed life for the believers. He makes certain to include that this change is NOT what saves but a result of the saving work of Jesus. I know, I just said that but it bears repeating. NOTHING we do can earn our salvation. It is only through the substitution act of Jesus on the cross.

So what does a believer’s life look like? Is it an instant all-encompassing change? Do I lose my salvation when I mess up? Notice I said “when” and not “if.” We WILL mess up, on MORE than one occasion. Read more »

Galatians 2:1-10 Truth Preserved

Because of grace I do works. NOT the other way round!

Paul shares with his readers how he himself brought the very issue they are dealing with before the brothers. He checked his teachings with those in authority and backed up his stand.

The issue of circumcision was not new to Paul and he addressed it completely. Paul had been preaching the word to the Gentiles for fourteen years already without requiring ANY of them to become circumcised. The Holy Spirit never instructed him to put that on them. Paul’s message was always that observing the law never saved anyone, Jew or Gentile, so why would one be required to adhere to the law now. His message was Jesus’ fulfillment of the law and salvation through grace. Read more »

Luke 13:1-5 Repent or Perish

The most important choice in your life

The most important choice in your life

Today’s message follows right along with the overall spiritual tone of yesterday’s message. Yesterday we looked at settling spiritually before judgement. Today Jesus tells those listening that if they don’t repent (settle their accounts) they will perish (spend eternity separated from God).

Our story started with some of the people who were listening to Jesus as He tells about a group of people who suffered a horrible fate. They were killed by Pilate and their blood was somehow “mingled with their sacrifices” (verse 1). My bible helps suggests they were killed while offering their sacrifice. That sounds reasonable to me as to how it could happen. Read more »