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Acts 9:26-31 Saul’s Second Escape

A NEW man

Yesterday we read how the Jews in Damascus were out to kill Saul because of his 180 regarding Jesus. He escaped with the aid of his disciples through a hole in the wall and a basket. Well, after he makes it out, he heads back to Jerusalem.

Personally, I would think going to Jerusalem would be a BAD idea. If the Jews at Damascus were angry over his conversion just think how angry those who sent him would be. But my thinking wasn’t Saul’s thinking, or God’s. Saul had some people to meet.

With the persecution of the church the people had disbursed throughout the region but the apostles had remained in Jerusalem. So this is where Saul heads back to. I’m wondering if he is planning to make a personal apology to the apostles for his earlier behavior. Read more »