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Luke 16:14-17 A Turning Point

No matter how good you think you are, mess with Satan's traps and you'll be sorry

No matter how careful you are, mess with Satan’s traps and you’ll be sorry

Jesus in very direct with the Pharisees in today’s reading. He also says something that has caused a bit of head scratching in the theological world. The best news in Jesus’ words today is that there God’s plan is NOT going to be stopped. Let’s dive in and see where we wind up today.

Jesus’ first remarks are to the Pharisees. They were upset by what He said in yesterday’s reading. We are told that they were upset because they loved money. Jesus didn’t tell them outright that money was their god but He said God knew their hearts. I have a feeling something besides Him was sitting on the throne in the hearts of the very people who were supposed to be keeping Israel’s heart close to God. I bet that stung. I wonder how they tweaked this statement to make themselves look good to the people. Read more »