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Luke 14:34-35 Salt; Who Knew


Necessary for life

Necessary for life

Jesus shares the parable of salt with those listening. Because of the structure of Luke’s narrative I don’t know if we are addressing the same crowd of followers or not. Jesus’ words fit best to those who are His followers though instead of His detractors.

Jesus used a very similar parable in Matthew 5, which we looked at much earlier. Feel free to look back at the blog titled “Salt and Light.” We focused a lot on how salt becomes unusable because of contamination. Today’s parable introduces two different uses for salt that I had never known before. These uses are very interesting and drive the topic of our discussion.

Jesus says that when salt has lost its taste, “it is of no use either for the soil or for the manure pile” (verse 35). I had no idea that salt was good for soil or manure, but apparently it is. Doing a little research I found that if you salt the manure pile it retains more of the minerals that are beneficial as fertilizer. If you salt your fields lightly it is beneficial, especially to beetroot plants. Also salt can be used in larger quantities to kill weeds, but after a time they come back stronger in the salted area. I found this information in a gardening site and an excerpt from a farming magazine . Read more »

Mark 9:42-50 Get Rid of It

I'd rather have Him holding my heart than a scalpel

I’d rather have Him holding my heart than a scalpel

Jesus is finishing up His instructions to His disciples in the house in Capernaum. Certainly not the last of His instructions overall, but the last of this session. The main point in this section is, if it is in your way of serving Him, GET RID OF IT.

Jesus starts by turning His attention back to the child He has been holding during their discussion. Jesus says that anyone who causes on of His little ones who believe in Him to sin, they would be better off dead and thrown into the sea. In other words, they will face Jesus, the one who drove the money changers out of the temple with a whip, over it. He takes it personally when someone hurts His children. Read more »