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Numbers 11:16-30 Help Arranged

Moses’ motives were right and God gave him a good answer.

Moses was feeling the weight of caring for all the people. The people were feeling deprived of their lifestyle in Egypt. God addresses BOTH issues.

God didn’t ignore the cries of any of His people. But there was a BIG difference between the cries of Moses and the cries of the people. God was not blind to this difference and His answers would fit both situations.

When we last left Moses he was angry with the people’s attitude and their complaining. He was also at his wits end. He knew he was incapable of caring for this huge amount of people on his own. He also knew that God had called him for this mission in his life. So his cry to God was one of need. He needed God to lighten his burden. It wasn’t because he was lazy or preferred things as they used to be. He was incapable of meeting all the people’s demands. He was at the end of himself. Read more »

Mark 12:38-40 The Scam of the Scribes

The place of honor

The place of honor

We are still continuing on with Jesus in the temple. He has gone back to teaching after dispatching all the religious leaders who had tried to trap Him. Jesus now warns His disciples and those listening against acting as the scribes do.

The scribes were often mentioned right along with the Pharisees. The scribes were the ones tasked with reading, copying, and interpreting the law. They were responsible for maintaining the Old Testament in complete and accurate order. They had a few issues though that Jesus addressed throughout His ministry. The issue Jesus focuses on today is their outward show of being religious in order to garner earthly rewards. Read more »