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Luke 20:45-47 Who Are You Serving

The way to God’s heart

Jesus is in the temple teaching the people. He has sprung every trap laid out against Him and walked away from them triumphant. Now He is going to give a warning about some of those who laid out the traps; the scribes. Mark shared this same warning with us and we discussed it in “Scam of the Scribes.” We looked at the contrast of how the scribes behaved vs how Jesus wants His followers to behave.

Matthew doesn’t recount Jesus’ message on this day but Jesus’ teaching earlier in Matthew speak VOLUMES as to how He wants His followers to behave. I want to take a hard look at the differences; the overt “service to God” vs the covert service. Read more »

Matthew 10:40-42 Jesus’ Disciples Job Description: Compensation

Jesus placing crown on servant's head

Reward in Heaven

Today is the last day we spend on Jesus instructions and job description for His disciples. The last section focuses on the reward or compensation they can expect for their service. This section actually deals with the compensation those who help the disciples would receive. We are, however, told that there is a reward for being a prophet or a righteous man or a disciple.

Jesus starts out by telling His disciples that anyone who receives and welcomes them is actually welcoming Jesus and God Himself. The disciples are going out in Jesus name. Jesus came in His Father’s name. Therefore, whoever welcomes a disciple is welcoming God. This follows the chain of command principal. What the lowest employee does is supposed to reflect and represent the ideals created by the highest level of management. Read more »