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Revelation 19:1-5 Just Deserts

He has room for ALL who will come!

Victory shouts and praise erupt in Heaven at the fall of Babylon the great. She was a “great” tormentor to those singing now.

When I read of the scene in Heaven today I meet it with conflicted feelings. I rejoice with those in Heaven who are witnessing the fall of their oppressor. But my heart also breaks for the human life lost in this great judgement.

I have never lived under great evil. If I had, maybe my attitude would be different. All those within the walls of that city were committed to the ideals and practices of the beast. His “heart” was set on the extinction of anyone who didn’t worship his name. I’m sure he had favorite methods for trying to persuade those who didn’t agree with him to join him instead. That is how the altar was filled with the spirits of the martyrs. Death was the result of refusing to accept the beast’s mark and message. Read more »

Revelation 18:1-24 Total Destruction!

Evil does NOT go unpunished forever!

The angels proclaim the fate of Babylon the great. She goes from pride of the world to total destruction in a flash!

If you are anything like me, or our bible authors, you have seen people do terrible things and get away with them. Not only that, some get rich on the backs of those they step on. NOT FAIR! We cry out to God. I can’t count all the Psalms that David cried out this same lament. But in each of these same Psalms David was reminded that this is a temporary state of affairs. The wicked do NOT prosper forever. There is retribution and justice ahead.

“Babylon the great” gets its just deserts in our reading today. The angel tells us that all her destruction happens “in a single day” (verse 8b). In another verse we are told that “in a single hour” (verse 10b) her judgement comes. I don’t know if these are man’s timelines or God’s, but suffice it to say, her end is swift and decisive! Read more »

Revelation 17:1-18 The Great Prostitute

Don’t be fooled by “a pretty face.” Death lies here!

John is given a special vision of the seductive power associated with the beast. The great prostitute and all she offers will be the downfall of MANY.

I’m going to make a confession before we go any further. I’m struggling with understanding this section. I understand the representation of sin in the woman and how she entices the world away from God. But I never have understood why the name of Babylon is associated with “her” or her profession. I have NO idea where our bible study is going today but trust the Holy Spirit will get us wherever it is He wants us to go. On that note, let’s begin. Read more »

Revelation 16:17-21 Seventh Bowl

Not even the smallest taste of the earthquake to come!

The last angel pours out the last bowl. “It is done!” (verse 17b). That done changes the face of the earth completely.

This is the last of God’s wrath. Once this judgement is completed, Jesus will step down from Heaven. Anticipation!!!

When I was reading our section today I noticed some similarities to Jesus’ crucifixion. The angel’s words “It is done” reminded me of Jesus’ cry, “It is finished” (John 19:30). The second similarity is the earth’s response to the completed work; an earthquake. Read more »

Revelation 16:1-16 Bowls One to Six

A small taste of what’s to come.

The seven angels have taken the seven bowls. Now it is time to pour out their content. We will watch as six of them pour today.

“Go and pour out on the earth the seven bowls of the wrath of God” (verse 1b). These are the last of God’s wrath on the earth. When these are empty Jesus will step onto the scene. We are not told how long each of these punishments/enticements lasts but I’m certain from our reading that they don’t all happen at the same time and they hang around for a bit. Read more »