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Matthew 5:38-42 Jesus Teaches on Retaliation

question marks

Full of questions today

Jesus addressed how we deal with someone who has wronged us. The illustrations Jesus is using are of innocent people being wronged by “the one who is evil” (verse 39). Not returning evil for evil is NOT the natural way of doing things. It goes against every self-preservation instinct we have. But it is exactly what Jesus calls us to do.

Am I supposed to lie down and be a doormat? Isn’t this victim mentality? What if they want to do more than just smack me in the face? Do I still stand there doing nothing? What if they want everything I own in court? Do I let them have it? Do I give to anyone who “begs” from me or wants to “borrow” what I have? Do I expect the borrower to return the item? What if I have nothing left afterwards? Is Jesus calling us to these kinds of behaviors ONLY with other believers?

I don’t have the answers to these questions, so I decided to do some looking around and asking those who claim they do. Here is a little of what I came up with today. I am going to make sure and provide you with links to the source I found so you can weigh the evidence they present yourselves. Read more »