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Numbers 5:5-10 Make It Right

I’m sorry demands more than mere words. It requires an action of restitution.

God is calling for restitution for sinning against your neighbor. Don’t just say sorry; make it right by giving back and then some.

When I was reading this passage I had to check out my bible helps. I wasn’t sure what God was referring to here. I didn’t understand the “breaking faith with the Lord” sin. It took the cross reference to get me there and the expert’s discussion to bring it home. Then I needed to ask the Holy Spirit to confirm it for me. So I’m going to go with what I learned and let Him lead from there.

First of all, the cross reference I have in my bible takes me back to Leviticus 6:2-3. We already looked into this section earlier. It deals with defrauding your neighbor by either robbing him of something and lying about it or swearing falsely in court regarding someone. BIG no no’s listed specifically in the Ten Commandments. Leviticus 6 and Numbers 5:5-10 tell the people how to deal with this sin after it is committed. Read more »