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Luke 24:1-12 Don’t You Remember?

Not just a memory but a revelation

We get to bear witness again to the fact that Jesus is not dead but has risen from the dead. The group of women who followed Jesus’ body from the cross to the tomb will be the first to receive this amazing news. But that news is crouched in a, “Don’t you remember?”

Luke lists three distinct women who bore witness and shared what they had seen firsthand. He specifically includes Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Mary the mother of James, but he also includes “and the other women with them” (verse 10). This is a plural term so there had to be at least two other women who accompanied the listed three. Not that it really makes a whole lot of theological difference, just curious.

These women were the ones who prepared the spices for Jesus’ body during the three days He was in the grave. This was also the group who discussed who would roll the stone away once they got there. They were doing all the practical things they could think of to care for Jesus after His death. They didn’t have it in their minds anywhere that their ministrations would not be needed. Read more »