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Luke 12:54-56 Look Around You

They only help when you pay attention

They only help when you pay attention

Today our reading is short and straight to the point. Luke is sharing with us snippets of teachings Jesus did before the crowds. Today’s teaching is about being alert to the signs.

There are signs all around us that alert us to what is going on. Jesus identifies meteorological signs that are common knowledge in His day as His examples. The main industry in the area was farming so His audience well recognized the truths contained in these signs. As farmers they lived and died by the weather so they watched it closely.

Jesus is talking about another group of signs though. These were being ignored or played off as something else entirely by the religious leaders. Jesus was referencing prophecies being fulfilled right in front of their eyes and the miracles being performed on a daily basis. These signs should have been just as obvious to those looking. But unlike the farmer who WAS looking, the religious leaders of the time were burying their heads and refusing to look. Read more »