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Juke 4:16-30 A Most Unwelcome Welcome

Words of Isaiah about Jesus

Words of Isaiah about Jesus

Jesus is visiting His hometown today. He has been going to the synagogue since He was a child. He has probably been reading in the synagogue too since His bar mitzvah. But today was different.

When Jesus left Nazareth to start His ministry He first went to be baptized by John. From there He went into the wilderness. When He came out He was different. He came out walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus then began His work using Capernaum as His home base. He did miracles in the region around His new base of operations. Now He comes home.

This may have been Jesus’ first time home since coming out of the wilderness. No one was surprised to see Him in the synagogue that morning, nor were they astonished to learn that He was going to read. This was totally normal for Him. I wonder how many times He had expounded upon the scriptures in their hearing over the years. I wonder if it was Read more »