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Reading the Bible for the First Time

When reading this article, please know that it was written for me and not by me (Annette Vincent). There are great points here, as well as a few I don’t completely agree with. I didn’t want to delete it because of the good points that are in it and I found that changing it to reflect only my opinions was too difficult. Here it is in unedited form:

Maybbible-Sunlight (1)e the Bible won’t make the cut — it’s pretty tough to read it in two weeks even when you aren’t running one of the nation’s largest companies — but it definitely fits the bill for “learning about different cultures, beliefs, histories. . . .” So as as thanks (/punishment) for founding Facebook, I’d like to offer him — and any other new Bible readers out there — some Bible-reading tips.

1. Start with this map.

The Bible is about a place — one eventually called Israel, but also its surrounding regions; later, the story spreads into parts of the Roman Empire. That link above goes to a map with ancient markings. Here’s the current Google Map of the area, which also includes a satellite view. Read more »