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Luke 15:11-32 Homecoming; Prodigal Son

First step in forgiveness is recognizing your own sin

First step in forgiveness is recognizing your sin

We started looking at this parable yesterday. I said I wanted to take some time with it and examine it from a few different perspectives. Yesterday we looked at the crowd Jesus was addressing as well as looking at the customs surrounding this parable. We specifically looked at Jewish laws and customs relating to inheritance. Today we are going to look at the first character in the parable. The one who caused the problem in the first place. The one the listener is intended to identify with.

Yesterday I assigned names to our three characters. Levi was the youngest son, Philip was the name chosen for the older brother, and James is what I named the father. Let’s look at the story through Levi’s eyes today.

Levi is will be 25 years old in two weeks. He has lived under his father’s roof all his life and labored in his father’s fields for as long as he can remember. Levi’s older brother Philip has never let Levi forget his place in the family. Levi and Philip used to be best friends when they were younger, but as they grew so did their competition for their father’s attention and the distance between “oldest” and “youngest” status. Read more »