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John 5:1-17 Following Instructions

I want to start off by apologizing to you all. I have been trying to write this for three days now. I had grandchildren spending the last two nights with me and am exhausted by the time I get them to sleep. All I want is sleep myself. Last night I actually caught myself waking up while reading them their story. Needless to say, I have missed a few days. Please bear with me over the first part of the summer, as my grandkids will be with me the first part of the week every week for a few weeks. I LOVE having them and spending time with them is important too. I’m just trying to find my balance between work, kids, husband, and writing. God is ALWAYS a part of that balance and I think I have been short changing Him lately. Please forgive me Father.

Do I want to be healed? YES! Tell me how!

Today we are with Jesus in Jerusalem again. We are not told what festival He was there for, but it was taking place in the temple on the Sabbath. Jesus is not in the temple teaching today but walking about the grounds instead. He stops by the Sheep Gate by the pool called Bethesda.

I’m curious why Jesus is walking about. Did He intentionally set out to find this man? What about the rest of the people there by the pool? Did He heal any of the rest of them? What was it about this one man that got Jesus’ attention? Read more »