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Number 11:31-35 Just Deserts

Three feet high and who knows how wide! Plenty to silence even the most “voracious” appetite

We last heard God promising Moses that He would send enough meat for the people to eat for a full month. He also promised that they would be sick of it by the end.

God actually gave the people quail before. In Exodus 16 we see that the night before God provided manna for the first time, He also provided a meal of meat; quail. But this time will be different.

God is true to His word. He would provide a month’s worth of meat for the people. And they would eat it until they were sick of it.

He brought so many birds to the people that they stacked THREE FEET HIGH! We don’t know how wide that stack was but it was enough for the WHOLE camp to come away with more meat than they could possibly eat. My bible helps says that “ten homers” is about 60 bushels (480 dry gallons or 2,200 liters)! And this amount was what the person with the least had. Everyone else collected more. I wonder what the average would have been. Read more »