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Acts 8:4-8 The Word Spreads

The longest journey starts with a single step

We saw the tide turn on the church the last time we were together. Their message was NOT popular with the religious leaders but the people were lapping it up. With the stoning of Stephen though the religious leaders are on a roll and prepared to stamp out the new church wherever they encounter it, especially in Jerusalem. So the body has broken up into smaller pieces and is reestablishing itself outside of Jerusalem.

Today we get to see one of the results of the disbursement of the church. Philip, one of the twelve apostles has gone on a short “missions trip” to Samaria. This is certainly one place the religious leaders won’t follow him. They are adamantly against associating with any Samaritan. But the apostles learned directly from Jesus that they were to love these people and bring the word to them too. Read more »