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Matthew 17:24-27 To Pay or Not to Pay

Peter's fishy bank

Peter’s fishy bank, not piggy bank

Jesus and His disciples have come home to Capernaum. They have been on the road for some time, teaching and healing wherever they went. The first thing that Matthew records when they get home is getting hit up for taxes.

Did the tax collectors ask Jesus for His taxes before they went to Peter? Apparently they didn’t get any from Jesus, if they did ask, so they went to Peter. They didn’t ask Peter to pay a tax for himself. Why was that? Why did they come to Peter in the first place? Did Peter look like the one in charge of such things? Why didn’t they talk to Matthew? He used to be a tax collector. Is it because he would know they were asking for taxes Jesus shouldn’t have had to pay? Matthew doesn’t mention that any of the other disciples were asked to pay the tax. Why is that? Read more »