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Acts 10:9-33 God’s Point of View

Don’t all unclean what God made clean

Today we visit another of my favorite stories from the book of Acts. I love this one because it positively established that I too am a child of God. It blew off the doors of the “exclusive club” to transform it into what it was meant to be; absolutely inclusive. Another amazing thing this story does is lay the foundations for salvation by grace and not by works.

We join our story already in progress. We saw the beginning of it in our last time together. It started with the visit of the angel of God to a Roman centurion named Cornelius. Cornelius lived in Caesarea, about a distance of 40 miles from where Peter was staying in Joppa. Per the angel’s instructions, Cornelius dispatched three men to fetch Peter from Joppa and bring him back to Cornelius’ home. Read more »