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Romans 1:1-7 Greetings Romans!

A letter for all of us

I am going to start off right here and now and admit that I am confused. The confusion is my own fault for not reading the “history” behind all the books before diving in. I was under the impression that Paul’s letter to the Romans stemmed from his time in Rome. But looking at several sources that doesn’t seem to be the case. This also calls into doubt my assumption of who Luke was referring to when he said Paul met with the “brothers” when he reached Rome. It appears that there were new believers in Rome BEFORE Paul arrived in the end of Luke’s account in Acts. It also appears that Paul DID leave captivity after his two years in Rome but was returned to captivity later where he was killed for his faith. BOY do I have some questions for Paul when we meet up face to face. Luke too for that matter. I’m going to share the link I found most enlightening regarding Paul’s life and accomplishmentsRead more »