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Acts 13:4-12 …Go!

The first step in a long road

Today we start the first of Saul/Paul’s official missionary journeys. He, Barnabas and John Mark are sent off by the Holy Spirit. This is not Barnabas’s first missionary journey as he was the one to first go to Antioch. John Mark is new to this scene and is coming along as an assistant.

When this trio came into a new area the first place they went was to the synagogues of the Jews. If they weren’t received there then they were free to move onto the Gentile population in the area. We are told “they went down to Seleucia, and from there they sailed to Cyprus” (verse). They proclaimed the word of God in Salamis and worked their way to Paphos. I have no idea how long this took. It is 90 miles between the two mentioned locations. Read more »