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Acts 26 The Heart of the Matter

A day for a mighty alter call! How many answered it?

King Agrippa, Bernice and Festus convene to hear Paul’s defense. Also present were “prominent men of the city” and the “military tribunes.” This was a packed house just waiting to hear what Paul had to say for himself.

King Agrippa allowed Paul to act as his own advocate. He considered Paul capable of mounting his own defense. Festus’ account of Paul’s behavior during his previous confrontation with the Jews had convinced him of this. Read more »

Acts 25:13-27 What Charges Should I Write?

One step at a time with God

Paul has another audience today. He stands before King Agrippa now. Festus is ready to honor Paul’s request to stand before Caesar but what charges should he put down? He asks King Agrippa for his opinion.

Paul’s is a complicated case. When the Jews approached Festus in Jerusalem they set out charges against him and wanted him delivered to them for judgement. After being refused, they tried to charge him again in Caesarea. But even those charges weren’t worthy of what they were asking; death for Paul. Read more »