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Acts 24:1-21 Paul Before Felix

Paul’s defense is the truth

Paul has been brought by night to Felix to stand before him. Felix’s judgement will determine Paul’s fate, at least for a while.

It only took Paul less than a day to arrive in Caesarea from Jerusalem but it takes Ananias and the elders five days to get there. Were they busy working on how to present their case so Felix would agree with them? They even enlisted the help of a “spokesman.” I would expect Ananias to fill that role as the leading member of the ruling body of the Jews. Was the spokesman a Roman and they thought he would be better received by Felix?

As expected, extreme flattery is employed first when presenting their case. Their case consisted of three points.

  1. Paul “stirs up riots among all the Jews throughout the world”
  2. Paul “is a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes”
  3. Paul “tried to profane the temple”

Ananias and the elders who came with him chimed in their agreement on these charges. Nowhere does the charge of not following the law come up in their litany, which was what was communicated in the tribune’s letter. Maybe it is implied in the second charge. Read more »