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Acts 25:1-12 The Jews Try Again

Though potentially deadlier, the Jews ambush plan worked about as well as this one

Paul is still in custody. Felix left him there when he was succeeded by Festus. Now the Jews have another shot at convicting Paul. AND trying out their original ambush plan to kill him.

Paul has spent two years under Felix in prison. It was a fairly comfortable and relaxed prison but prison none the less. Felix called on Paul to speak with him many times during those two years but we are never told if he ever heard from the Jews again with their litany of charges.

Festus is now left to deal with Felix’s unfinished business; namely the prisoner Paul. The Jews see this as another opportunity to have their charges heard and to do away with Paul.

If you remember, Paul was taken to Felix in the first place because of a group of 40 Jews who took an oath to neither eat nor drink until they had killed Paul. They planned to do so in an ambush as he was being brought to the council chambers to answer their charges. Now they are planning another ambush. I wonder if they had another group take an oath for this ambush. The original group, if they kept their word, would be dead by now. Two years without food or drink would see to that. Were they men of their word? Read more »