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Acts 13:13-52 Fickle Fellows

We are in Galatia!

Today’s reading is very long! We continue on with Paul, Barnabas and John Mark as they move on in their first missionary journey. John mark leaves from Pamphylia and heads back to Jerusalem before we get to the second Antioch in Pisidia. This is not the same Antioch that sent them out but another location all together. This Antioch is actually in Galatia. We aren’t told why John Mark leaves but it will become an issue for Paul when considering who to take on future journeys.

Paul and Barnabas make a point of always starting their visits to each new city by presenting the gospel to the Jews first. So, as usual, they find themselves in the synagogue come the Sabbath. I find it quite interesting that the rulers of the synagogue asked them to speak. I would think that their fame would precede them and the religious leaders would want to avoid giving them a platform to teach from. Did this group know Paul from his early years, before becoming a Christian? What were they expecting them to say? Maybe it was simply standard practice to allow and encourage visiting ministers to share with the people. Read more »