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Matthew 21:28-32 My Two Sons

Which son are you?

Which son are you?

Jesus is continuing His teaching in the temple in Jerusalem. He is also continuing to address the chief priests that came up to challenge His authority. We are ready for round two! My bet is on Jesus.

Jesus returns to using parables with the chief priests. They are skilled enough to understand Jesus’ meaning, and if they weren’t Jesus actually spelled it out for them after He quizzed them. The parable He uses first is about a father and his two sons.

I am going to assume that the sons in this story are young adults and already have some degree of their own life going on outside of the father’s house. My reason for this is that, if these sons were children, I seriously doubt they would get away with the behavior of 1) telling the father no when told to do a job or 2) saying they were going to comply and not. It is easier to see number two happening with children, as it happens a LOT and requires corrective measures. If number one happened with my child, he would find himself on the receiving end of some serious consequences and then would be required to do as he was told anyway. Read more »