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Galatians 1:11-24 From The Mouth of God

He is never late or early. ALWAYS on time

Paul is sharing with his readers exactly where he learned the gospel he presents. He didn’t get it from the seminary or by sitting at the feet of the apostles. He received it straight from Heaven. And it was given to him at just the right time in his life.

While on the road to Damasks Paul encountered Jesus. We know the story. We covered it when we went through the book of Acts. But something that we didn’t specifically cover is what Paul did during those three days he was waiting for his visit from Ananias.

Paul spent three days in prayer. I fully believe this time was spent with the Holy Spirit ministering understanding and wisdom to Paul. He was having his spiritual eyes opened. He had so much more to learn of Jesus than that He was the one Paul was persecuting. Paul had heard of the teachings that were being preached but he was dead set against them. He needed time to come to understand the truth in them. He did this in a quiet place alone with the Holy Spirit. This time with the Spirit is why Paul was SO convinced of the truth he was sharing. Read more »