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Hebrews 8:1-13 A New Promise

Something was missing before. Now it is complete through Jesus.

Now onto why we needed a new High Priest. A new High Priest for a new promise!

If we were going to keep with the old promise we wouldn’t need a new High Priest. God would have continued on with the Levitical priesthood. But the promise that we were given through Moses wasn’t enough. It couldn’t save anyone. It reminded the people of God and was designed to keep them close to Him. And it depended on man to do his part.

The new promise had to come from outside. This promise was actually the fulfilment of the original promise made to Adam and Eve. The promise of a true Savior, not just a stop gap.

The rules and regulations given with the first promise were kept in a sacred place and away from the people. They were dependent on someone else to interpret and convey them to the people. Our new promise is written on our hearts and the Interpreter is the Holy Spirit. We keep the full promise with us daily. Read more »

John 17:1-26 Jesus Prays for ME

Before there was time, He was thinking of us

Jesus is concluding His time with His disciples as they talkred after dinner. I don’t know if they took a stroll around the yard or are the home they were using for their Passover meal or if they were still in the upper room for their discourse. At first I thought they might be sitting together in the garden of the home but I imagine Jesus wanted privacy while He spent His last hours with His disciples. Wherever they are, Jesus is about to bless them with a personal prayer.

Jesus begins His prayer with ‘it’s time.’ His whole life has been leading up to this purpose; to glorify the Father. In doing so He is providing eternal life for ALL who believe in Him. “To all whom You have given Him [the Son]” (verse 2). That eternal life comes from knowing the ONLY true God and His Son, Jesus Christ, whom He sent. Read more »