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Luke 23:26-31 He Went Willingly

Close to the source of life or all dried up?

We join Jesus today as He completes His work. This is the reason He came as a baby. The reason He taught the masses. The reason He called and equipped His disciples. The culminating act; His complete sacrifice.

He has already faced four inquisitions/trials and endured beatings and mocking. Now He will walk the road to Calvary and lay His life down. No one took His life, He gave it willingly.

Luke shares with us a moment on that famed rode that we don’t get to see in the other gospel accounts. We are told of a “great multitude of the people and of women who were mourning and lamenting for Him” (verse 27). This group was following Him and crying for Him. I don’t know if these were “professional mourners” or if they were people who supported Jesus. Read more »