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2 Corinthians 3:1-18 Proof of Life

I Believe Lord, Help My Unbelief! Thank You for ALL Your proof!

“Don’t you get it? You are the proof of what we have been preaching!” This is Paul’s cry to this body of believers. Everything he has been sharing with them has brought them to where they are now. From glory to glory! No, the journey has not been easy but it has been worth it.

When reading our text today I got a picture of a traveling medicine man; the “snake oil salesman.” He would go from town to town scamming people out of their hard earned money by proclaiming false cures. He usually had the crow seeded with his accomplices shouting false testimonies. Nothing he sold was worth the price. Read more »

Luke 5:33-38 The Old Is Good

Inspecting the wine

Inspecting the wine

Luke takes us to my most difficult subject today; fasting. I was looking back to see what we have already covered on the subject and found 8 posts dealing with it in some form or fashion. I really don’t want to go there again today. Honestly, it has been a very long day for me and I would rather simply skip this section, BUT that’s not what God wants us to do. So here we go. I’m at least saved from having to go through the same material again because I was prompted to look at a couple of different things in our reading.

In Luke’s telling of Jesus’ answer to the question of why Jesus’ disciples didn’t fast he shares some parables that Jesus used that day. The first one is about the new and old garments. In Matthew’s telling of this parable he talks about using a piece of unshrunk cloth as a patch for an old garment. In Luke’s telling he uses the analogy of tearing a piece from a new garment to patch the old one. This subtle difference brings a whole different concept into my mind. Read more »

Mark 2:18-22 New On Old

Same thing, new purpose and method

Same thing, new purpose and method

Today we are with Jesus when He is approached by people who notice a difference between His disciples’ behavior and that of other disciples. The difference they point to specifically is fasting. We get to hear how Jesus addresses their question.

If any of you have been with us during our study of Matthew, you know that we addressed fasting in a couple of instances. One of those times was when Matthew shared this same encounter with us. I’m going to post links to the two instances that Jesus deals with fasting in Matthew. I believe those two blog entries sum up all I know about fasting. The first is when Jesus is teaching His sermon on the mountain top and deals with fasting. The second is Matthew’s account of today’s storyRead more »