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Mark 8:11-13 Give Us a Sign

Is this the sign they wanted?

Is this the sign they wanted?

Today Jesus goes through a “face palm” encounter if I ever saw one. We join Him in the district of Dalmanutha on the Sea of Galilee. Surprise! Pharisees are there to question and argue with Him. Today it is: Give us a sign from Heaven so we will KNOW that You are who You say You are.

Seriously? Have they not witnessed the blind seeing? Have they not heard the demons cry out in fear AND call Him the Son of God? Have they not witnessed the lame walking? Have they not seen the dead raised, or at least heard the stories about it? Have they not listened to His teaching?

He teaches with such authority that He must be getting His information first hand. I’m pretty sure some of the Pharisees were present when He fed the 5,000. They seemed to be everywhere He was. So how was that bread anyway? I’m sure it was the best they ever ate, before or since. Read more »