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Matthew 11:25-30 Jesus, Hidden In Plain Sight

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The Best Secret EVER!

I wonder if Jesus is still with the same crowd we left Him with yesterday or if this is a new group. Luke has Jesus with the 72 disciples He sent out when He thanks God with this statement. Luke’s gospel also leads me to believe yesterday’s message was delivered to the 72 just before they left (Luke 10:12-15) on His mission and today’s message was right after their return (Luke 10:21-22).

Using Luke’s setting, Jesus is talking to His larger group of laborers who have just returned from the field victoriously! They are excited about all that happened during their time of ministry. Why did they all come back at this time? Was this a prearranged meeting place? Were they given a time frame for their first trip into the field? They all came back together and met Jesus in this place to debrief. Read more »