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2 Corinthians 5:1-10 Anticipation

His designed the perfect gown for me, but I can’t see it yet.  I know it will be GLORIOUS!

We read of a great event waiting for all who believe. This event is when we finally take on the form God intended for us from the beginning. When this form we now wear will be replaced with the one the Father made for us. No longer naked but clothed in true righteousness. That is Paul’s good news for us today.

When thinking about Paul’s words today through the Spirit I’m reminded of a wedding. I know that traditions have changed a lot over time but I want to look back at a traditional wedding. One where the bride takes on the name and protection of the groom.

The journey begins when the groom asks that all important question, “Will you marry be?” Jesus asks us a very similar question, “Will you become Mine?” Those two questions and the following answer set everything else in motion. A “yes” answer is cause to celebrate while a “no” leaves deep wounds. Read more »