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1 Timothy 6:1-2 Honor Where Honor is Due

Honor is a gift that has great return.

Paul continues to set down practical rules for the body Timothy is shepherding. In our short reading he deals with “bondservants” and their masters. We have likened this to employer and employee relationships.

I find it interesting that Paul covers both believing and unbelieving “masters.” He cautions the “bondservant” not to take the relationship of brothers in Christ into the work relationship. Paul cautions the “brothers” to maintain the hierarchical relationship. The “master’s” position is not lessened because he is a believer. In fact, Paul says he is deserving of more honor. Read more »

Ephesians 6:5-9 Masters and Servants

I choose to serve Him!

Paul is addressing his last group regarding authority in our reading today. He is addressing masters and bondservants. This is not roles that many of us come into contact with today so I want to look at it as employer and employee.

I was curious about the term “bondservant” so I googled it (of course). My favorite questions site Got Questions gave me some more insight. I already knew about how a servant can voluntarily become a “bondservant” by choice. But I didn’t know if the term bondservant applied to any other kind of servant or slave. According to my source it does, but we are going to focus on the bondservant spoken of in the law. This was the willing servant who chose to serve his master for life. Read more »