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John 6:60-71 Thinning the Herd

Cross the line from believing to knowing?

We join Jesus today as many of His followers leave Him. I don’t know how much time has passed between Jesus’ message to the people about “eating His flesh and drinking His blood.” I don’t know if His discourse with His disciples follows right on the heels of yesterday’s teaching, or if His group has some time to mull over what He has taught.

Jesus knew His follower’s hearts intimately. He knew which ones were TRUE disciples and which ones were along for the ride.  Well, the “ride” just got scary! We know Jesus was using metaphorical references in His teaching, but the images He chose were very troubling to many of those listening, including many who claimed to be His disciples. They only saw the literal images and didn’t try and find the spiritual meaning that Jesus was freely sharing. Read more »