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Romans 12:1-2 Stay On The Altar

God even honors the little sacrifices

In our reading today Paul calls us to be a “living sacrifice.” This should be the ultimate pattern for our life.

Jesus offered Himself as a sacrifice for me. His sacrifice resulted in death but ended with His resurrection. My sacrifice is in appreciation for all He already did for me. But my sacrifice doesn’t end in death but begins in life. It begins with the new spiritual life I receive from Him.  It also is lived out every day in the way I represent Him.

I’ve heard teachings on the subject of being a “living sacrifice” before and one of the things that have stuck with me through all the years is about “staying on the altar.” Because I am a “living” sacrifice I have many opportunities to choose to stay on the altar. I have to choose daily whether I will follow His example. Will I choose to honor Him in the middle of my conflict? Will I shine His light when no one is looking? Will I demonstrate His love even when I’m tired? That last one hits me right where I live! Read more »